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Creating a space that other people can share and compliment each other in has been important from the start, we are happy we can provide this. Keep your eyes open for more people joining this space.

Ripe Cider

Georgie and Cameron along with Raff (the dog) have set their cidery up in the barn here at Earthbound a truly inspiring couple and a pleasure to have at the Farm. We've worked together to establish an orchard full of old cider varieties from the South West. Their wild fermented cider is exceptional with unrivled locality from apples collected in the surrounding area. The farm wouldn't be the same without them.

Head to their online shop and see what they have available or to get in touch email on.


Ov Pots

Olivia Drew is the heart and soul behind OV pots and another joy to have with us here. A super talented potter, her work is simply elegant, thoughtful shapes form the characteristics of functional, rustic farmhouse table ware that are completely striking. Her understanding and excitement for local materials informs her work and her passion for good food and farming strengthens that further, a truly unique style!

Click below to see what she's been working on or email on.


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