Veg Sales

We have three main outlets for our produce from the farm, with your support we can help each of these areas to flourish, allowing us to give our community access to nutritious food.

Veg Boxes

From mid May we will be making up our veg boxes for people to collect from the farm, we will be sending out a form to all of our subscribers and local supporters for people to sign up, this will have more information including payment methods, dates and availability. For the first year it will be first come first serve. If you would like to be added to out waiting list please email

We will de doing

  • Small box (1-2people) £15
  • Medium box (2-3 people) £20
  • Large box (3-4 people) £25


We will be at Whitecross market the first saturday of every month where we will be selling vegetables from the farm, grown with passion care and attention. In the future we will have a selection of pickles and ferments for sale too, follow the link below for more information on this fantastic Local market at Whitecross village hall.

We will also be hosting a market at the farm for people to visit from April onwards on the third Saturday of every month. More information coming soon.

If you think we would make a nice addition to a market you run please email us

Whitecross Market
    • Freshly picked seasonal produce harvested with love and care based on what is best that day.
    • Veg that is completely full of flavour, nutrient dense and low impact. Were care for our soils and that shows in our produce.
    • Exciting and interesting varieties that are easy and fun to cook with for family and friends, we are always happy to advise on cooking tips


We are supplying a few local restaurants at the moment but we would like to have a few more in the family please email us if you are looking for us to supply you this spring and we can send you over an availability list with prices.

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