Who We Are

Milo -  Since moving to St.Veep in 2016, my passion has grown for permaculture and regenerative farming systems that leave the land with more rather than less. Having worked on several farms since then, I've been chomping at the bit to take what I've learned into our own project. I hope my labours can enrich the landscape and the relationships of my friends and neighbours who share in its fruits.

Rory -  I’ve grown up around good food and beautiful countryside my whole life, it’s amazing to have the space and opportunity to put all of my experiences into this venture. Professionally cooking and farming for the last 16 years has made me excited about what the future holds for Earthbound!


Our aim

We have key areas of focus -

  • Creating nourishing and delicious produce.
  • Bringing people together to enjoy and share in the Farm.
  • Growing a wide array of useful plants.
  • Educating and empowering our community.


Our aim at Earthbound is to nurture and maintain the ecological abundance of the land that we are custodians of, whilst also benefiting both the health of our community and our environment. We are working toward a self-sufficient system of production. We know that growing food isn't always plain sailing and have learned how important it is to make the best use of the crops we grow. In order to promote this, we will be hosting dinners and workshops, while also creating a few honest provisions that represent Earthbound. We are excited to share our passion for food, farming and getting people together. Our aspiration is that our project will become an asset to the area, providing healthy produce, stimulating experiences and an enriching education into the plants we grow and the food we cook.

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