Earthbound has a deep passion for music of all genres from all over the world and music has been an inspirational part of our cooking and farming.


We formed the sound system in 2020 and since then we have been Dj-ing and collaborating with venues ever since. Keeping an eye on our facebook and instagram page will keep you in the know about up and coming episodes! We will be hosting more events in our barn this year and into the future, bringing people together, connecting our local community through farming and food is still the main focus whilst helping to keep moving the farm forward financially. Thanks to the widespread Earthbound family for your continuing support.


Some of our favourite albums and singles from 2023 have been:

Supertramp - Crime of the century (released 1974). 

Scott Lavene - Milk city sweethearts (released 2021)

Dope Lemon - Kimosabe  (released 2023)                                             




If you are still interested about collaborating on an event or hiring out the sound system and Dj's don't hesitate to email us with your ideas or requests. We also have a licenced mobile cocktail bar that joins up with the music to make a more rounded Earthbound experience.



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